“If We Are Apart” tackles an issue that is more prevalent today than ever before, divorce. So many people in up and coming generations were children who grew up in divorced or separated homes. All too often the story of how things happened or how the parents separated is told from the adults perspective, but how does the situation look from the side of the innocents involved, the kids? 

          With this film the goal was to see the night of the “breaking point” in the family through the eyes of 8 year old Nick. Nick and his 4 year old brother, Sammy,  hear the fights and see the unhappy times between their parents, but they don’t really know what it means or what is to come. This night in particular is the night that their parents, Jane and Kurt, will tell the boys they are getting a divorce. Without truly understanding what this means, and in a world of hurt, Nick takes it upon himself to do something that seems to be the only logical thing for himself and his family. It just so happens this heartbreaking action taken by Nick will unknowingly bring his parents into his world and show them a side of the situation that hurts the most. 

         This was written, through personal experience, to capture the naive, confused, and scared point of view of an 8 year old child facing a life changing event and the visceral reaction that follows. Setting the film in the mid-90s brings a 20 year old feel of memories and nostalgiathat we hope to pull the viewer into. The cinematic approach was also taken from the point of view of Nick, with inspirations coming from some great 90s influenced productions. We believe the film will connect and resonate with all people, wether your parents are still together or have divorced, because at it’s core it’s a story about love. Through all of this struggle and turmoil, there is no question of the parents love for their children, and in the end how they are able to reassure their boys that even if they are apart… they will always be with them.